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Mindful Eating

You are what you eat – if you eat well, you will be well; but if you eat badly, you will feel bad. A good diet is the key to good health. To be fit and healthy, you need to eat good food. Food affects every aspect of our being: our moods, energy levels, stress levels, sleep habits, sex drive, thinking ability and general overall health. Feed your body junk and convenience foods and it will lower your energy and brain power. It has been studied and shown that many of our diseases are caused by what we put into our bodies. We can also use the food we eat as medicine to reverse and correct health dysfunctions.

Maybe you already eat well and are looking for new ideas, maybe you have thinking about going more vegetarian, but don’t know where to start. This page is to help you take better care of your body through the food you eat We will be posting healthy recipes and articles to do just that.  One of the best ways to take care of yourself is by first taking care of others. We are looking for your help and input here. Email us your questions, concerns, advice or your best vegetarian/vegan/raw food recipes, tips and suggestions. Working to take care of each other and creating a healthy, strong community is something we can all do together.

The Vegetarian Cupboard

Recipes of the Month!

JIm Bodhi’s Goulash

Christmas Glog

Date and Almond Appetizer

Stuffed Party Portobellos

Bread Salad Italiano

Italian Roasted Potatoes

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