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In October, book and claim a 60-minute massage and we’ll add a 10-minute reflexology session just for you!
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Massage and Therapeutic Services

Swedish – a combination of techniques are used to help relax the muscles by applying light to medium pressure. This relieves physical tension and stress, allowing the body and mind to relax.

Deep Tissue – works to relieve chronic tension in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Slower movements, more direct pressure and cross-fiber friction are used in this treatment.

Athletic – geared toward the sports-minded individual to improve circulation, increase flexibility and remove toxins. A deep tissue workout using stretching, joint movement, and muscle energy techniques.

Upper Body – the entire massage is spent focusing on the knots and tight muscles that can cause shoulder and neck pain. This treatment has also been known to reduce and relieve chronic headaches.

Reiki – a traditional pattern of hand movements just above or on the body without using pressure. A gentle way to bring balance, restore energy, accelerate the normal healing process and create an overall state of wellbeing.

Therapeutic – this massage is customized just for you, to address your particular problem areas. A combination of Swedish, deep tissue, athletic and Reiki may be used to address each individual’s needs.

Pregnancy – one of the best gifts the mother-to-be can receive. Special care is taken to make sure she is comfortable in side-lying positions. The focus is put on lower back pain, shoulder discomfort and swollen legs and feet.

Hot Stone – black lava stones are heated to a comfortably hot temperature then laid on the body to accelerate muscle relaxation. The therapist then uses the heated stones to massage the muscles to create even deeper relaxation.

Reflexology – application of pressure that can be applied to specific parts of the hands, feet or ears that correspond to organs and systems of the body having a beneficial effect on your general health.

Craniosacral Therapy – CST is a gentle, hands-on approach in assisting your body’s ability to self-heal.  The treatment techniques administered enable your body to release restrictions that may influence your craniosacral system.  Restrictions within the body may be emotional or physical such as an old injury, trauma, or stress.  These restrictions may pull on your craniosacral system; which may have implications for you.  Since our bodies are always seeking balance, this is a great stand-alone service or complement to other modalities.

Aroma Touch Technique – This technique is a clinical approach to applying (8) essential oils along energy meridians and contact points of the back and feet to help stimulate and balance the nervous systems.  The AromaTouch technique improves well-being by reducing physical/ emotional stresses and supporting healthy functions.  For a list of oils used read:  Aroma  (note: oils can be omitted if an allergy/sensitivity is present).

Aroma Bliss – The ultimate in relaxation!!  Receive the same healing experience found in an AromaTouch Session with the extra benefit of additional massage to the rest of your body.

Pranic Healing – An off body energy healing technique that works with specific ailment protocols, assisting in the body’s ability to self-heal.

Massage Services and Reflexology Pricing:

30 min – $40
45 min – $50
60 min – $70
90 min – $90
60 min Hot Stone Massage** – $90
90 min Hot Stone Massage** – $115

$5 OFF First Appointment**

Other Therapeutic Modality Pricing:

Aroma Touch Technique 50 min $50
Aroma Bliss 90 min $100
Bowenwork Therapy 60 min $75.00

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586 469-YOGA (9642)

To schedule with Maria call her on (586) 202-6939
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