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Massage and Therapeutic Services


 Massage and Therapeutic Services

(Note: all services are 60 minute appointment times unless otherwise noted. Please see pricing for each service.)

Aromatherapy – using a blend of essential oils and applied to the spine before the massage. This massage helps to heighten and enhance the immune system. $70.00

Athletic – geared toward the sports-minded individual to improve circulation, increase flexibility and remove toxins. A deep tissue workout using stretching, joint movement, and muscle energy techniques. $70.00

Bowen Therapy – a gentle form of soft tissue release that involves a deep state of relaxation unlike massage or other forms of bodywork. Treatment is performed through clothing. $70.00

Deep Tissue – a combination of deeper massage techniques for people who require deeper pressure throughout the massage. Deep tissue work helps to release old patterns & restrictions due to propr injury or repetitive strain to the muscles. 60 mins $70.00, 90 mins $110

Pregnancy – one of the best gifts the mother-to-be can receive. Special care is taken to make sure she is comfortable in side-lying positions. The focus is put on lower back pain, shoulder discomfort and swollen legs and feet.  $60.00

Reflexology – application of pressure that can be applied to specific parts of the hands, feet or ears that correspond to organs and systems of the body having a beneficial effect on your general health.
40 mins $45.00,  50 mins $55.00

Reiki – a traditional pattern of hand movements just above or on the body without using pressure. A gentle way to bring balance, restore energy, accelerate the normal healing process and create an overall state of wellbeing.  40 mins $45.00,
$50 mins $55.00

Relaxation – a combination of techniques used to help relax the muscles by applying light to medium pressure. This relieves physical tension and stress, allowing the body & mind to relax.  50 mins $60.00

Thai Massage – An ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulates and manipulation of energy lines and assisted yoga postures. The recipient remains clothed and there are no oils used in this therapy. 60 Mins $90, 90 Mins $125

Therapeutic – this massage is customized just for you, to address your particular problem areas. A combination of Swedish, deep tissue, athletic and Reiki may be used to address each individual’s needs.
60 mins $65.00, 90 mins $110

Hypnosis – A state of deep relaxation, heightened focus, and hyper suggestibility. Hypnotherapy is the art of utilizing this state to elicit positive change and improvement in behaviors and physical conditions. Hypnotherapy can help you to change your negatives into positives, improve attitudes, habits and self-defeating thoughts.  It can help you to take charge of your life, relieve stress, develop creativity, improve in sports, overcome fears and phobias, improve study habits and alleviate anxiety.
A 60-minute session is $85. Appointments are with Ruth Linh and you can reach her on (248) 252-8847

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For appointment availability call
(586) 469-YOGA (9642)
or schedule directly with the therapist…

To schedule with Shelby call her on (586) 275-7733
To schedule with Giselle call her on (586) 872-3209
To schedule with Jen call her on (248) 906-8018
To schedule with Maria call her on (586) 202-6939


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