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Class Schedules & Descriptions


**Note: In an effort to respond to your input our Class Schedules change from time to time;
so please check back to make sure you have the current schedule.

Effective 6/1/18 – We do not offer a refund on classes, workshops or retreats.  Unlimited packages cannot be shared, or put on “hold” or “extended”.  Please note expiration dates at time of purchase on your package.

If you’re new to Yoga

Be sure to sign up for our New Student Special, 10-Classes in 10-Consecutive Days for only $10.00
Look for classes that are basic or beginner if you’re new to the practice.
Look at our class descriptions to find out the details and types of different classes we offer.
Read the Do’s and Don’ts below :)

Do’s and Don’ts

Please Do –

Check-in before entering practice room.
Arrive 10 minutes before class begins.
Inform your instructor of any limitations or physical challenges.
Wear comfortable, stretchable clothing.
Bring a mat (or use one of our community ones)

Don’t Bring cell into practice room (reception desk will keep it safe for you). –

Also Please Don’t –

Wear any perfume, cologne or lotion.
Eat a heavy meal 2-3 hours before class.
Engage in loud conversation inside or outside the studio.
Worry – the way you do yoga is perfect!

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